AIBP members! You guys are amazing and I have loved being in this group for all these years. I will be offering a short time mentoring session of 1.5 hours to "pick my brain". Always wondered how I have the sales I do with a studio in a town of only 12K?

Yes you heard me--there are only 12 thousand people in my city (as well as one of the poorest documented counties in the entire state of florida) and I am consistently booked with average sales of 3100.

When I first started out--I was researching everywhere trying to figure out this question or that. Until I finally hired my mentor Jose who sat me down and answered every single one of my burning questions. Having someone to answer them all in one sitting, rather than feeling overwhelmed with a variety of unanswered topics eased my mind to know which direction I needed to be going. 

And of course, after that session--I knew that direction was forward. 

So I want to offer AIBP members that chance to just sit down with some coffee or tea, even wine, and just ask away. Editing questions? Business related? Posing or marketing? Want to know HOW I approach my IPS? It is not geared to a group --just you and me. Your private one time (at this offer-you are always welcome back for more sessions--I will even provide the comic relief) session that will get you back from the realm of feeling stagnant  into the progression of moving forward with your kick ass business. 

Sound like a plan?

Once you purchase--shoot me an email at and tell me a little bit about your questions (just in general) and we can pick a date for your video chat! If your days are hectic and cannot make a video chat, you can list out all your questions and I will create a video specific for you answering them all--in detail (it is a great alternative than trying to read - as you can listen to them as you are editing, or making dinner for the kids!)