A Breathless Experience

June 10-13


The mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the water are so compelling to me. I have been working with water for decades as a scientist and photographer exploring its properties.  After many years of shooting clients, I wanted to show others just how great the experience can be when you let go of your worries and follow your clients into a ethereal movement under the surface.

If you have wanted to try underwater work but do not have a housing--You will be allowed to shoot with my gear and I will send you the raw images for you to edit back at your studio! 



This intensive underwater workshop will teach you how to take your boudoir  company to a new level.


We will have pool time for each photographer to get in there and test out these skills with a model for boudoir, as well as for the look of senior portraits for your portfolio.

Join us at camp with a rented pool for underwater shooting.


  • I will be working through the logistics in equipment maintenance (you don't really want to flood your precious camera now do you?)

  • Wardrobe selections for using each type of session will be covered to ensure safety of your clients

  • Underwater makeup tips to bring back the color loss

  • Understanding depth issues and distortion to avoid bloating your clients body or face

  • The basics and then the not so basics of understanding underwater complications due to focus issues, turbidity, color loss, depth, water quality, lighting and much more. In this section I will explain how to overcome those issues in all water body types.


Class options

On Land : Learn everything you need to know for your gear, marketing, shooting for larger wall art, editing underwater, and much more! 

In the Water: Everything from posing, wardrobe, safety, communicating with the client, shooting implied nudes underwater (harder than you think!), shooting over/under images, shooting locations if you do not have a pool, couples shooting (again harder than you think underwater!) and much more 



  • Lighting your subject underwater

  • Posing for each type of client and how to create stunning looks that will sell every time

  • Shooting with wall art in mind

  • Editing-this is where the fun begins to tie in your current style with your new underwater brand

  • Building relationships in your market with the right people. This will cover how to ensure clients will be ready to book before you even pick up the phone.

  • Building vendor relationships to get the perfect match of your underwater image into the right wall art style for your company.

Options for Payment plans

This is a non refundable. You may transfer your seat, however JT Noir Studios must approve the photographer it will be transferred to in order to update information. 
*Limited spots available to allow for maximum shooting time

This will be a fun and casual setting so do not feel the need to dress up - Bring comfy clothes and flips, towels, and don't forget your gear!

I have fantastic vendors and sponsors donating some amazing things to each attendee so you do not want to miss this!!