Kathrine Haus

Kathrine Haus, 23, is one of the most visible Texas-based glamour models since 2015 and has quickly escalated to one of the most requested models out of the area since then. Haus has a strong background in model photography workshops, both in organizing them with Nino Batista, and working them as a model. She is embarking on a tour of several cities this summer and for the remainder of 2017 going into 2018. She has experience modeling boudoir, glamour, fashion, lingerie and promotional modeling.


Haus was born in California and ever since she could walk she has been in the water. She said "If I could swim 24 hrs a day I would. I should have been born a mermaid!!"

We are thrilled to have her as our underwater model! Come join Haus and I on an amazing experience for both you and your clients.


All images courtesy of Nino Batista with permission