Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one” -Malcolm Forbes

Continuing your education as your company grows is just as important now as it was when you first started out. Everyone needs a  mentor at every step towards every goal. Even mentors need mentors. A sounding board to bounce new ideas off of. Someone to guide you to the next step in your progression to a better business person. Even to shed new light on an old idea. Mentoring is key to a successfully growing business so why stop once you are out of auto? 

Mentoring programs are based on your needs, and your place in life. Whether you need a quick website overview, a fresh pair of eyes for your business plan, or an long term relationship where you gain monthly insight to move forward to each new obtainable goal.

Why chose me as your mentor? I was where you were sitting just years ago. Former scientist laid off from a state employment along with thousands of other coworkers. In one year I not only bounced back, but also passed the income I was making. Creating my workflow not only in business, but also my family life has given me the ability to now help others get out of the creative block and into the role of a strong business owner. 


  • one hour independent sessions to discuss  your immediate needs - 150

  • monthly one hour interactions via video or phone conference (in person if local) with a year contract to keep you on track for setting those goals - 125 monthly

  • 3 hour editing workshop (that can be split between two days is chosen to allow the material to settle in!) Editing customized to your needs - 450

  • three month long intensive one on one workshop where you receive printable materials, email templates, workflow design, editing shortcuts, 3 one hour optional conferences (video, phone or in person if local, or can be switched to recorded videos answering your specific needs in editing or workflow)  and much more! (Fabulous for those who need the information but cannot meet during daytime hours) - 950

    Don't see what you need here? Ask me to customize to your specific needs! Conventions, workshops and online courses are all great tools, but nothing beats private one-on-one mentoring sessions. Jennifer meets you where you are on your business and creative paths. Each session is specifically tailored to what you need to know at that particular moment.


"Jennifer has helped me execute effective marketing strategies to expand my reach within the local community.  She has given me the tools to analyze my profits and create my best business practices. With Jennifer's guidance, my photoshop editing skills have improved exponentially taking my post-production work to the next level. Overall, I'm happier, my clients are happier and my bottom line is way happier! " ~ Graciela of GracielaValdes Boudoir photography in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
"I had the pleasure of being mentored by Jennifer Tallerico back in 2014. I took part in a 3 month mentorship program and it was one of the best things I could have done. She has a wealth of knowledge in areas from business and marketing to sales to how to keep your business organized with documentation and last but certainly not least her incredible knowledge of photography and editing. She was always available for questions or advice when needed. Jennifer really cares about helping her mentees and bringing out the best in them. We still talk on a regular basis even now, months after my program ended. She is a wonderfully talented person, photographer and mentor and I would recommend her services to anybody, anytime! I am proud to say I am one of her mentees, I know we will always be friends and perhaps even collaborators on a project one day" ~ Brad Walsh, corporate headshot photographer of  Visuphoria 
"I found Jennifer through AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers). She posted the most amazing artwork and often shared great tips with other photographers in the group. When she offered mentoring to our group, I jumped at the chance! I really wanted to take my photography business up a notch and appeal to a high-end clientele. Each month we met over video chat, each mentoring session was one-on-one and offered a wealth of great information for me to apply to my own business. Since mentoring with Jennifer, business has increased, the quality of my product offering appeals to my target market and now, I am beginning to create my own works of art! I look forward to learning from her again in the future and would highly recommend Jennifer to any photographer looking to their business to the next level. Thank you Jennifer" Michelle LeMay Rednagle of Clique Boudoir