Located in North East Florida at 220  St Johns Ave., Palatka, Florida 32177. Serving Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala and surrounding areas. 
Award winning fine art photographer specializing in boudoir, underwater and family portraiture. 

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Your images will be held
in the highest standards,  with our
Pro Labs and myself.

We are very strict on our
Confidentiality Codes. 
Your images will not be shown, 
unless you allow us to share
your incredible beauty, 
with the world. 


Our Story

With a background in behavioral anthropology, photography came natural. Always being the observer, watching patiently for the moment to create a still image of this time. 
Later in life, a masters in engineering was on the agenda as a scientist working for the state of Florida. However, this time was just the lead up to something magnificent. A time and a place, where a camera was just the tool needed to create timeless art to captivate all audiences. 

10 years in the making, JT Noir and Tallerico Photography have a home in Palatka Florida, where the artist creates a storybook tale just for you.