A Little something natural

I love natural beauty. I am not a fan of over photoshopped looks. plastic skin and 2 inch waists created by liquifying. When people come into my studio, there is 2 things they know right off from the start about my work.


1) It is raw and edgy

2) It does not fit the norm of boudoir photography

They come to me Because of these 2 things. They know feminine can be beautiful. But some want more than that. They want dark and bold, mixed with romantic and classy. They want an atmospheere that questions the streotypical bueaty that society has come to be. They want fresh, new ideas, without sacrificing the feel of a boudoir shoot. 


I asked Lauren not to wear much makeup. A little mascara, and light gloss. That is it. Fresh, clean, yet sultry and confident. 

The black set:

Backdrops- bare walls and wood floors.

Lighting- reflectors and windows allowing natural light  to seep in. 

The white set:

Chaise lounge, long sheet curtains. Again, all natural light. 

50mm1.8, ISO 400, 1/100





JT Noir is an award winning fine art photographer located in North Florida serving  Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala and surrounding areas. 

 Specializing in boudoir, fashion and male portraiture.