What is Holding You Back?

Lets face it. We all struggling inside critiquing ourselves for the littlest things. Weight, hair, skin, teeth, ....
Well you get it. The list just goes on.

But what if we just for a moment dropped those insecurities and did something for ourselves? Something that makes us feel good inside and out? Something that we can hang on our walls so that every day we wake up we can have that positive visual of how amazing we look?

Well lately I have been booked solid at the studio with women and men who did JUST THAT! They let go of all these damn expectations that are placed on us by the media and shot a session to embrace that inner vixen that is in all of them.

And the result?

They left glowing, head held higher and a sense of confidence they said they forgot they OWNED.

So what is stopping you from getting back your confidence?