"Why do I Never See Curvy Women in Your Images?"

A few months ago I saw a post from a woman who said she wished she would see more curvy women in boudoir photography. I was taken back a bit knowing many, if not all the boudoir photographers I know, shoot all shapes and sizes.

However this did make me realize that there are not as many model releases for these images. In my industry, many (again if not all) will not post any of your images without a signed model release. This assures you as the client that your images are not fair game in our portfolios. The level of respect for your images is at my top priority.

With that said I LOVE getting model releases simply so we both can show off to the world how amazing you look! So I invited Ms J to my studio and she was excited to sign a model release in order to show others the empowering feeling for a curvy woman to have shot a boudoir session.

Every woman (and man for that matter) should feel confident in their own skin. I was not only excited to shoot with her, but also to shoot on the new brick wall of the Palatka studio. She brought her A game to the shoot and had this vixen stare into the camera that could make anyone blush!