Proving to Yourself You are Beautiful and Sexy!

Heather came into the studio with her gorgeous long hair, tall and what I thought was PURE confidence. She just exuded that calm cool confident walk.
However, after reading her testimonials I learned that she was just as nervous as any other clients that has been in the studio. She wrote that she did the session because she lacked confidence in herself. She wanted “to prove to myself that I can be just as beautiful and sexy even at a bigger size”.

I was an absolute nervous wreck! I had plans and ideas for my session, several outfits picked out and had been saving to be able to afford it all. Then life and kids activities took over and all the rest went downhill. I was not able to get any of the wardrobe ideas I wanted, I took what I had that I even considered sexy or possibly bad just absolutely hoped that she would have something that fit and possibly looked good on as well. Things started going downhill so of course I freaked that it would roll over into my session.

Ladies this is SOOOO common. We plan and plan and well, life likes to laugh at us and say “NOPE—I have other plans for you”. Rest assure that I have you covered just as I did with Heather. The studio wardrobe ranges over many sizes from petite to plus.

  • How did you feel during your session?I felt absolutely amazing during my session! Some of the poses made me feel a little funny at first but once I saw the pictures I understood why she did it! Jennifer made it soo extremely comfortable and relaxing. I felt at ease with her and I knew from the start I could trust her and whatever pose she asked me go into. 

  • How did you feel after your session? Oh my goodness! I felt nervous, anxious and excited! I was so incredibly impatient waiting for my images to come back in! Not gonna lie, I would cause myself to overthink and start getting bad ideas but once I’d go back to the page and see all of the other beautiful shots, my worries would melt away. 

  • How did the studio make you feel about your experience? Great! Anything and everything I could have needed was available to me! It really made me feel like I was in the comfort of my own home.

  • What would you like to tell other people who are thinking about having a boudoir session Just freaking do it! You will not regret it! You will absolutely love it and it will truly do amazing things for your confidence levels. It’s also amazing just to have it done for yourself. What’s more empowering than creating some beautiful artwork of yourself for you and not trying to impress anyone else! It’s the experience of a lifetime!