Another Year, Another Time for Self Love

Every year I make sure I know exactly where my clients emotions are by either working a selfie or having another amazing photographer shoot my session. This year I was honored to have the amazing Elizabeth Zimmerman of Torrid Boudoir shoot a session during our time at Camp Do More.
I have always shot just how I feel. Some clients love high heels, or amazing Agent P attire. Some love full nudes. For me, I love sporty looks, or pretty much ANYTHING to do with the water.


I called Elizabeth and told her about this blue dress I have had for ages but never found a spot I love enough to shoot in it, until we both said “the lake”. The Lake at Camp Timberlane was one of the most amazing locations not only for shooting, but also for the therapy photographer gained that week during the event.
Like all great boudoir photographers, she understood my hang-ups. But mine are not about my body. They are about my Tourettes Syndrome and that sometimes I need a moment to let is pass. During this trip we laughed, we cried and we bonded over the very thing that brought us to this event. If you are a photographer I encourage you every year to place yourself in your clients shoes and get in front of the camera. Seeing how my clients feel, makes me a better artist. Every year it gets more encouraging and ever year I find a new part of my body I am falling in love with. See that big butt? YEP—I love it. See those stretch marks? Yep-they are from bringing two humans into the world. See that tan line? Yeah well I can’t help that—I live in the water and until the cops stop yelling at me to put clothes on I will have to deal with tan lines.

Point is stop hiding behind the camera and document every year that you exist. Whether it is with me as your photographer or another amazing artist- make it a point to be bold and get in front of the lens. This isn’t about vanity. This isn’t about doing this for someone else. This isn’t about attention. This is about becoming a better artist and better to your own body image.

And to Elizabeth—you were my rock during this trip. I adore your very existence in this world.

Photography by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Makeup by Francis Roberts