Boudoir Prep 101

Strut your body to the camera with confidence with these tips!

By Jacqueline Valdez

Make sure you are healthy physically and well prepared for your shoot to get the most out of it!

Add some Pilates and light weight training into your workout routine 60 days before your

shoot. Planks and pull ups are great exercises. Join a dance class. Hire a personal trainer. Make

sure to add recovery time in as well.

A more confident person will lead to better images!

  • 48 hours before the shoot cut down on foods that will add to you retaining water. Avoid greasy,  spicy or salty foods.
  • Avoid alcohol especially.
  • Make sure you are hydrated and drink plenty of water, water, water.
  • Have rested eyes!
  • Make sure to get proper rest as you do not want to look tired on the day of your shoot. You want to make sure you look fresh. Use a facial ice pack or cucumber an hour before to help out if needed.
  • Take care of your skin. Make sure you are moisturized and wearing sunscreen if you are doing an outdoor shoot.

Prepare the night before.

Pack your outfits, makeup, lint roller, shoes, props and prepare light snacks for the day.

A protein bar and some fruits are a great example. You definitely do not want to be munching on something that gets you feeling sluggish or full.

Do not let your sugar level drop as your energy will drop and show in the images!

Have an idea of your theme and practice your poses prior.

Yoga and light stretches are great to do the day of the shoot as it will help calm and relax your nerves.

Meditation can also help lighten the jitters.

Remember to have fun, stand up straight and trust your photographer!

Jacqueline Valdez

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