"One size fits all" A beauty project by JT Noir in North Florida

They say one size fits all for some garments. In todays day and age where women (and men) do not fit the standard "one size" I decided to see if I could break that theory. 

I had purchased a dress for the studio back in January of this year. I bought a large so I could have it for various sizes, even clamping it in the back for a smaller frame if need be. It was a great rational for not having to purchase more than one dress. 

However, when it arrived, this was not a large in my mind. Out of the box it looked like it was meant for my 10 year old daughter, but yet the length of a woman well over 6 ft tall. 

It was a rather stretchy material and I decided to try it on myself. I am a size 10 in American standards, which we all have seen now over social media, that is considered "plus size". 

Sure when I faced forward and posed how I FELT, it looked awful and so unflattering, even my kids commented maybe it was meant for "a teenager?"  (they were not being smart asses--it really was a valid thought) 

But then I thought about boudoir.

                                         "It is all in the pose"  

So I sucked up my emotional hatred for my "plus sized" body at that moment and posed how I would coach my clients. 


Immediate change not only in the shape of my body, but even in my smile. (even the kids mentioned it) 

So what changed? The dress was certainly the same size. My body had not lost weight in the seconds it took me to stand tall. 

It was me. It was me giving myself permission to accept how beautiful I am, and that no material could hold that in place. 

I wanted to see if I could recreate this with other women. So I put a call out to any past or present client, or even friends who wanted to come try the "dress" on. All different shapes and sizes. 

Everyone of these women were NOT photoshopped beyond compositing them together (remember I did say I only bought one dress:) 

It was "All the in pose" 



JT Noir is located in Palatka Florida at 220 St Johns ave 32177. Specializing in fine art boudoir, and underwater photography. Jennifer is an award winning published artist serving all North Florida including Palatka, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Ocala.