The Time to Get Your Little Ones Into Modeling- in the Palatka Studio

Yes. Your your baby is adorable. Yes your mother keeps pushing you to get your baby into modeling. And yes, you know they would be perfect for modeling. 

But is it the right time? 

As a mother myself, I know how much you want the world to appreciate your baby as much as you do. And whether the look is right for the agency or not is not what I am here to write about. That is for the agency to decide--and there are many out there--one might be the perfect fit for you.

But I am here as a mother to talk about your baby.

  • Is he ready for that spotlight?

  • Sure he may sit for you to photograph him, but is he wiling to shoot with a stranger?

  • Is your baby stressed easily with new situations?

Before you push your little one to be the star, think about if HE is ready. Is your child just is not enjoying the time in front of the camera, take a step back and wait a little bit to make sure your child really does want to be in front of the camera.


Lincoln here is a prime example of a child who is ready to be modeling. As soon as his mother Laura placed him on the backdrop, instant smiles. He was enjoying the clicks of my camera, he was laughing with me as I bopped a stuffed monkey on my head, and he was engaging with me with many facial expressions.

The clothing was a perfect fit as well. Laura purchases Lincolns clothes from a company called Goat Milk NYC.

The clothing set the scene for Lincoln and I for a perfect organic natural feel for our shoot. Lincoln is ready for the big scene.