A Wedding Photographers Little Secret

Just over a week ago I had the honor to shoot Daniel and Melissa's wedding at the Club Continental in Orange Park Florida. It was a gorgeous day, and the outdoor decor was breathtaking. (I am saving the color shots for when they return from their honeymoon in Ireland but knowing a photographer, he needed to see some!) 

I have known Daniel and Melissa for about 5 years now when they came in for a holiday session (I had a snow machine in Florida. Still one of my favorite  shoots I have done to date) Daniel was just starting his photography business so it has been amazing to watch him grow as  photographer. 

Photographing any wedding can be emotional if you know the couple as I do, but it was especially emotional for another reason. A reason I have not told them up to this point. I have been referring all incoming brides for any dates after theirs, back to Daniels company. Why?

Because their wedding was my last. 

Or at least a very long break. With my underwater, boudoir and writing taking up all of my days, I knew that for weddings it was time to pass the torch so to speak. Daniel has shot along side with me in many weddings. We even had the chance to spend many months preparing and shooting Gainesville's Fashion Week. Melissa and I have worked on projects together such as the "one size fits all" dress blog post. She even brought her grandmother in for me to shoot some glamour work (which by the way, her grandmother is kick ass). This decision to make their wedding my last was decided long before they even were engaged. It just felt perfect to have their wedding always be the last vision of a wedding photographer in my mind.

(now don't get me wrong, if you are planning a wedding and want to take me to Italy to shoot, I will delete these words and be on the plane in a jiffy). 

They probably did not realize that their vows might be the last I will ever hear while photographing. They probably did not see my eyes welling up behind the camera as I shot their first kiss as husband and wife. And they most certainly did not see me turn back around one more time and look at them partying with their friends, knowing I just closed an amazing chapter of my life in which they played a huge role. 

I love you guys and looking forward to watching your family grow!