Finding Courage in Boudoir Photography

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself" ~The Wizard of Oz
A line from one of my favorite movies of all time explains exactly how I feel as a boudoir photographer. I see women and men coming into the studio thinking this session is a gift for a significant other. Shy, timid, and somewhat not always sure this is something they can "pull off" (their words not mine). 
But the transformation occurs when they see that first image in their video up on the big screen at the reveal. You can just see their eyes widening. Their mouths popped open just bit. And then, at the end, that final hands to the mouth and a stare back at me to say "Is that me!" 

Jessica came to me very much the same way for her session at the Palatka Florida Boudoir Studio. A gift for a significant other, but was not sure about how her final look would be. She was incredible. She started off in just a T-shirt, but by the end was up for a more fine art implied nude portrait. 
The feeling of watching a woman transform in front of you never stops amazing me. She felt so incredible about her session she was excited to sign a release. She wants to world to see her courage, as do I. 
I want every woman to feel as great as Jessica did the day she was at her reveal. To feel the courage inside her become stronger each day. To feel love for their own self, mind and body they way we all should. 
You ladies have the power to make this happen. I simply photograph the result.