Turning Nerves into Confidence at the Downtown Boudoir Studio

I love meeting new clients! A few weeks ago Samantha came in for a wedding anniversary gift after seeing others in my VIP group share their images.

She wrote about her experience at the studio and I wanted to share it with everyone to help anyone who wonders what a session could do for them!  (she gave permission:) 

Before her session she said she felt nervous because of body confidence issues. "I have turned 30 and had a child, so I am definitely not in the best shape of my life." 

During her session she wrote that she felt relaxed and confident. "Having my make up and hair done definitely made me feel better and Jennifer assured me that each pose was "beautiful. The studio felt very appropriate. The props and layout were perfect and made me excited to see the outcome. " 

What would you like to tell other people who are thinking about having a boudoir session 

"I would tell people to go for it! You will not be disappointed."