Documenting Thirty Boudoir Style

I recently asked my clients if they would want to blog about their experience at the studio and the reasons behind why they decided to do a boudoir session. The JT Noir Studios, located in Palatka Florida, has been told to me to be a beautiful addition over the years to the downtown area. I take pride in decorating the front store space with a classy, tasteful decor, along with a rich representation of my work. 

What many do not know is what happens behind those double doors. Some may think it could be scandalous, some may think it is downright dirty once someone walks into my studio. Thankfully I have never heard anyone say this, but I assume someone must not not my work (I know I am sure cool but not everyone is going to love me:) 

BUT the best part about the mystery is that what happens the moment you step beyond those doors is not what you gain, but what you leave behind. You leave behind the pressure of society to be a certain look. You leave behind the constraints of feeling it is vain to love yourself. And most importantly you leave behind any insecurities that may linger in your mind. 

When Courtney booked her consult to celebrate her 30th birthday I was very excited! I have known her for many years just around town, or even on facebook land but never truly knew her in person. She came in saying she was nervous but later told me that I made her feel "at home".  She wrote " I did not feel pushed to do anything I was not comfortable with and it came more natural than I thought it did. Jennifer was very patient and had so many creative ideas to go along with what I wanted" 

She went on further to mention that anyone thinking of doing a session "you should absolutely do it!" It brought out a side she wrote that she did not even know she had.  Her words to describe the studio and her experience said it all. 





"It was an experience I will never forget"