A Boudoir Testimonial; Confidence, Safety and Looking HOT!

Marcy came to her session after seeing so many other clients in the private forum of the studio. She came in with the intentions to shoot for her husband but left with a confidence she didn't know would come from it. After leaving with her amazing albums from the Palate Studio, I asked how she felt about her experience. 

"Not one time did I feel uncomfortable which was surprising and such a a relief considering the intimacy of the shoot with someone you have just met. Jennifer guided me through the entire shoot and knew exactly what position needed to be shot to make my body look its best in the photos" Marcy wrote in a testimonial. 

She was so excited to see her images but it was so hard keeping them a secret she told me. "Jennifer's decor and talent made the photos look like something out of a magazine" She also noted the safety she felt during the shoot. " The studio is also very private and has a locked door during the shoot so no unexpected visitors can walk in mid-shoot" I take pride in knowing my clients' images are safe with me but also during the shoot as well. I lock all doors and have even been known to help you up on the piano, assist with your garter belts and even string up corsets! 

The studio is a fun carefree environment and I was so glad to read Marcy's testimonial knowing she felt this experience was just what I hoped to have given!