Changing up Styles : How to Get Out of Your Creative Rut

All artists know the term "creative rut" It is like a dagger into our hands when we think of how close it can come to either pushing us off the edge to fall, or in turn allowing us to fly once we reach that point. It is all in how you play the game.

I, as many artists, get into a creative rut every so often simply because I need a change here and there. Shooting boudoir and underwater is beyond satisfying, however, it also needs to be kicked up a notch to get the voices in my head to relax.

  • Should I go darker in style
  • Should I add more props underwater
  • Should I change genres completely

Instead of trying to change how I am shooting, I simply change who I am shooting in order to see a different perspective in posing.  It helps feed the creative soul in how we see the movements of the human body, how we interact with the client, and how the lighting can be changed when the subject is more suited for a different look.

I contacted a photographer friend Andres to come help me out and shoot a little male boudoir in order to "see the light" in a new way. I wanted to free myself from being bound to the same posing I have come accustom to in the studio and play with the light in a brand new way for myself.

Sure I could have shot a female model, but that would not have pushed me to change how I posed. I needed to change up the current playlist of looks and break into a more powerful way of movements.

Andres was exactly what I needed. He was filled with energy and movement that brought something new to the studio. Along the way of trying to creatively reinvent how I shoot, I realized I also am completely in love with shooting men. I have shot men and couples in the past but forgot how different and fun it can be. I am fascinated with story telling and progression in posing so this session did it all.

  Yes, this will be happening more! So come down to the studio guys, boudoir is not just for women.






The Natural side of Boudoir

I have been shooting for many years in the boudoir industry. As a studio owner in downtown Palatka Florida, I have evolved into different ways of shooting, adapting to the new trends, new techniques, and especially the new emotions I am learning to express. 

If anyone knows me well, I do not enjoy outwardly expressing my emotions in conversation, however i have found a way to do so, allowing others into my world. 

Through words and imagery. 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Melinda, through a mutual friend who recommended me to her during her search for a boudoir photographer. She drove  and told me during our consult that once she saw my work, she was instantly connected to me and the studio. 

I routinely will look over my potential clients as they talk. Watching how the light will fall on their hair, how their eyes sparkle when they describe how they wish to see themselves, and especially how they smile. No no no, this isn't some creepy photographer thing. It is practice I do sometimes to appreciate the woman in front of me, before she gets "glammed" up. I want to see that natural beauty within. 

When Melinda took her hair down for the makeup artist I instantly ran over to the chair. Her hair was so thick, so curly, and SO incredible just as it was. I told my artist to not worry about the hair portion. I had a vision. I wanted to express an emotion of natural beauty, mixed with an empowering confidence. All to many times I see boudoir in a way to express the sexuality of it. Instead I wanted to capture the pure confidence of a woman in her own skin. And Melinda did just that. Her bold stares, her positive postures, and her all to amazing natural hair. 

Modern Simplicity in the JTNoir Palatka Florida Boudoir Studios

As  a boudoir photographer I come into contact with so many people.  I met Miss B a few years ago at a wedding convention and we connected instantly. 


Most of my boudoir work is done heavily in fine art, ornate and old world backdrops. However, when Miss B came into the studio wanting to do a simplistic T-shirt and white covered bed I could not resist! It opened up a fun new world to me for breaking down the barriers of my own normal work, and introducing myself to modern simplicity. 


While I normally love working in past artistic influences, this new modern feel to my images has me craving some new work to put into my studio!