Changing up Styles : How to Get Out of Your Creative Rut

All artists know the term "creative rut" It is like a dagger into our hands when we think of how close it can come to either pushing us off the edge to fall, or in turn allowing us to fly once we reach that point. It is all in how you play the game.

I, as many artists, get into a creative rut every so often simply because I need a change here and there. Shooting boudoir and underwater is beyond satisfying, however, it also needs to be kicked up a notch to get the voices in my head to relax.

  • Should I go darker in style
  • Should I add more props underwater
  • Should I change genres completely

Instead of trying to change how I am shooting, I simply change who I am shooting in order to see a different perspective in posing.  It helps feed the creative soul in how we see the movements of the human body, how we interact with the client, and how the lighting can be changed when the subject is more suited for a different look.

I contacted a photographer friend Andres to come help me out and shoot a little male boudoir in order to "see the light" in a new way. I wanted to free myself from being bound to the same posing I have come accustom to in the studio and play with the light in a brand new way for myself.

Sure I could have shot a female model, but that would not have pushed me to change how I posed. I needed to change up the current playlist of looks and break into a more powerful way of movements.

Andres was exactly what I needed. He was filled with energy and movement that brought something new to the studio. Along the way of trying to creatively reinvent how I shoot, I realized I also am completely in love with shooting men. I have shot men and couples in the past but forgot how different and fun it can be. I am fascinated with story telling and progression in posing so this session did it all.

  Yes, this will be happening more! So come down to the studio guys, boudoir is not just for women.






Modern Simplicity in the JTNoir Palatka Florida Boudoir Studios

As  a boudoir photographer I come into contact with so many people.  I met Miss B a few years ago at a wedding convention and we connected instantly. 


Most of my boudoir work is done heavily in fine art, ornate and old world backdrops. However, when Miss B came into the studio wanting to do a simplistic T-shirt and white covered bed I could not resist! It opened up a fun new world to me for breaking down the barriers of my own normal work, and introducing myself to modern simplicity. 


While I normally love working in past artistic influences, this new modern feel to my images has me craving some new work to put into my studio! 

Scars are Tattoos with Better Stories - A breast cancer Survivor Event at JT Noir Palatka Studios

I have seen many strong women in my lifetime as a boudoir photographer in my JT Noir Studio located in Palatka Florida.  All women, all walks of life, and all with wonderful stories.  

When I am photographing my clients, we get to know one another very well. I learn about their families, their lives and most importantly - their fears. Most of which consist of the anxiety they feel coming into the studio to be shot revealing so much. After a session, they leave the doors with their heads held high and I can see that empowerment flooding their faces and body. I walk back to my desk every time with a huge geeky smile on my face knowing I have helped them see what the rest of us see in them every day. I have freed them from believing they are less of a woman because of stretch marks, weight or even just that nagging feeling we all have that we just don't look the way wished. 

The opposite happened when Susan Deter from the Pink Door (Accredited post-mastectomy care center focusing on products for the fashion-conscious woman after surgery) came into my studio looking to see if I would want to help host a breast cancer survivor event. While photographing these three young women, I realized my own fears. They walked in with heads held high, with that empowered look as if they had seen it all and were not scared of anything life would throw at them. The had no issues with their bodies, no hesitation with telling me their stories or showing me their scares. I came to feel my own fears as a woman. A woman like any other that has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer (according to . A woman who wonders if I would ever be as strong as these women to fight they way they did, or be as confident as they were. 

Then I read their stories. Fear, feeling ashamed, scared and alone. These women were right were many of you are, or have been, dealing with your battle or celebration of surviving. The message is clear. Each one left the studio talking about early detection. Some spoke about ignoring those small voices and regret that they did. All of them however, had one thing besides cancer in common. They empowered me, and the rest of the supporters that were at the event that day. 

Three of the ladies in this video are cancer Survivors (yes intentional capitalization there) The other women there felt the awesome energy  of those ladies and decided as well to get gussied up and strut their stuff. I even got to be in front of the camera when they asked me to be in the group picture!  (can you see my geeky smile now:) 


Vonshell ~ I was 26, recent college graduate with no health care insurance. I turned to the Putnam county health department an the Breast program paid for my initial testing leading up to my diagnosis. I was then referred to north Florida where dr. Earl Pickens stated to me "God takes care of me an I am going to take take of you" still fighting with insurance an bring a single mother do to the death of my child's father I can honestly say God made a way! I under went a bilateral mysectomy an reconstructive surgery hassle free as Dr. Pickens stood firm to his word. Dr. Jason Rosen Burge joined Dr. Pickens in recreating what cancer tore apart, as a result of padget disease which is the type of cancer I carried my entire chest was stripped of most of an nearly all tissue so reconstructive surgery was not optional. As of today I have survived 9 surgeries including tissue an muscle transplants but I am a survivor.

Tina ~ October 2010 I was doing my self breast exam and I found a lump I said to my boyfriend this doesn't feel right, so I called my primary doctor to schedule an appt. After sending me for a mammogram and ultrasound they indeed confirmed I had breast cancer. I remember leaving the office in tears saying I DON'T WANT TO DIE. I hit this ugly disease head on, told the drs let's do what we have to do to fight this. I started chemo, then a mastectomy, radiation, about 8 or 9 surgeries all together, and I beat breast cancer. It was a very long rough road but I have 3 beautiful children that needed their mommy and I was determined to win this fight. Positive attitude, will to live, and a great support system is the way to get through it. Early Detection Is The Best Protection.

Brittney ~Back in 2011 I was laying in my bed watching t.v. hands positioned behind my head. Something told me to do a self breast exam. I learned how over many years of growing up due to my mother and aunt having breast cancer. I began with my right breast doing circular motions starting at the nipple. That outcome was smooth and fluffy. I began on my left breast, exactly the same but before I finished I felt a small knot the size of a bead. I called my son's father into the room asked  asked him to feel. He replied "its nothing, you are fine". I brushed it off but a small voice kept telling me to get it checked out. I kept it to myself for over 2 months until I told my mom what I was dealing with. She encouraged me and after two weeks I made an appointment. I had to get special insurance authorization since I was told I was too young for a mammogram. I was 25 with two children. When I was told I had breast cancer, I just started to cry. I felt ashamed and I didnt know why. I cried all the way home in the car with my mom thinking I was going to die soon. I had my lump and 16 lymph nodes removed. Chemo and radiation and boy it was an emotional roller coaster. I kept it all to myself and in 2012 I was cancer free. I moved to Texas and came back to Florida  in 2013 only to find out the cancer had come back not only in my lymph nodes but my lower back had been attacked. This time I did not keep quite. I expressed my journey to my family and friends,. I am here today to share my feelings and shot love to all who showed not only me love but my boys as well. As of Oct 19th 2015, I am cancer free for a second time. I am a proud survivor who wouldn't chance my experience for anything in the world. 




I encourage you all (yes you men as well!) to do monthly checks and self exams.

If you need more information on fittings please check out The Pink Door at
Makeup by Devan Hodges  ~ Tangles Salon
Hair by Jessica Spencer at Salon St Johns

Jennifer Tallerico is an award winning and internationally published fine art photographer in the Palatka area of North East Florida. 

Psychological Benefits from a Boudoir or Glamour Session

Psychological Benefits from a Boudoir or Glamour Session 

Have you wondered besides a great gift what boudoir could do for you? Did you know the benefits of boudoir can be life changing to your outlook? Here are just a few of the amazing ways it can increase your mood


  •  Increases confidence 


  • Transforms your thoughts on body image 


  • Creates a space where you can feel free and open


  • Creates an empowering feeling of body acceptance


  • Lessens (if not diminishes  completely)  the need for outside approval 




Increases confidence - The majority of every client who comes into the studio is either shy, or perhaps even unsure if this is the right choice for them. Some feel they are not photogenic. They talk  about weight or skin issues. However during the session they start to gain confidence and I watch it happen right in front of my lens. Their once negative words turn from "I feel so funny" to  " wow I am loving this!" This is because we are not focusing on your thoughts before you entered the studio. We are focusing on every progressive thought that you have during your session and growing on that new confidence. You will leave with this confidence as it is not mine to keep. It is yours to build on  each day after. 


Transforms your thoughts on body image . What if you realized that everything you thought about body image was wrong? What if I told you that every moment you spend hating your looks could be replaced by loving your entire self? It can happen and i will show you how. Women and men come in a variey of shapes and sizes, so subjecting yourself to beleive you must fit ONE specific image is absurd. I decide which body I am going to have and so will you. 


Creates a space where you can feel free and open. Once inside the studio, it is time for you to let everything in the outside world go. This time is for you and you alone. The studio is a fun and lively space for you to relax. You have plenty of time to be mom, wife, sister, and friend. This day is about regaining that self appreciation. So very few places are left where we can feel open and secure at the same time. JT Noir Studios is your place. 


Creates an empowering feeling of body acceptance. Boudoir and glamour is not for a specific body type. It is for a specific feeling. It is for any woman or man that want to deepen the love of their bodies. It is a wonderful feeling to accept everything about yourself no matter what part of your journey you are on.  


Lessens (if not diminishes  completely)  the need for outside approval. Lets face it. We all at some point looked for approval of others in some aspect of our lives. But what if I told you that doing a session could lessen if not  completely rid  the need for outside approval on your body. In some cases I have had clients tell me it went even further than just body approval. They seemed lighter after their sessions and I am not talking about weight. I am speaking of their head held higher, their tone less negative and their smile more vibrant. They transform into a person they were before societal pressures got the best of them. 


So now your saying "sure--I will become a whole new person simply because I shot a boudoir session?". 

No. Not at all. I am saying you will solidify the person you already are. You will just be brushing off the negativity that is drowning your idea of who you really are!

So what is holding you back from booking? My goal is to photograph as many people as I possibly can. This year I want sheer volume. I am going to shoot as many women and men possible in hopes to change thier idea on who they felt they needed to look like, and in return realize who they are is even more fabulous!  

So who wants to be part of my 2015 campaign to change the norm?


Jennifer Tallerico is an award winning published photographer located in North Florida. Boudoir, male portraiture, fashion, and conceptual photography is what defines JT Noir Fine Art Studios. 

Serving Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Ocala, Palatka and surrounding North Florida areas. 220 St Johns Ave Palatka Fl 32177